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If there was a better way to gain clients online and help more women experience the ancient practice of vaginal steaming…

Would you finally feel confident going ALL in on growing in the virtual space so you can experience the impact you KNOW you’re capable of?

Are you frustrated with the lack of growth for your vsteam business? 

Do you want to utilize all that the online realm has to offer but not sure where to start? 

I hear this all the time with new yoni business owners...

I know you truly and genuinely WANT to help women reclaim the ancient practice of vaginal steaming and help them integrate it into their lives

I also know that being a skilled and trained vsteam practitioner doesn't mean you are a skilled and trained CEO or business owner

You may have the practitioner thing down...

BUT you might be making some common mistakes on the business side of things in the online realm 

Does this sound familiar? 

You are winging it when it comes to creating and pricing your products and services? 

You have best of intentions with promoting but get overwhelmed and lose motivation ...

When your offer doesn’t sell you lower the price…

I get it... I’ve been there

Overwhelmed, stuck, not making an money

I know that you’re hyper aware that you need to implement new tools and strategies

The fact is that successful entrepreneurs are using repeatable systems and procedures to spark growth in the online realm

I started creating my own systems inside my business and began selling in the hundreds of saunas and now in the THOUSANDS

You need to stop beating yourself up and start taking actionable steps to create a profitable online business

It’s not that you don’t have what it takes

You do!

It’s just that you haven’t been shown the process AND how to get out of your own way

Want to know the secret behind the successful entrepreneurs you’re following on IG…

They are using repeatable, proven systems & procedures behind-the-scenes ...which is why it looks easy from the outside and why you feel like you missed the MEMO

Which means that successful entrepreneurs in the vaginal steam industry learn how to reach a specific audience, create a high value offer that amplifies your products & services, and convert leads into sales.   

They have repeatable formulas for lead interaction, sales, and client flow.  

They aren't winging it, guessing what revenue will be this month, and they don’t hand out free coaching. 

And neither should you, my steamy sister

I know firsthand, the struggles of a start up business in this industry

BUT more importantly I know from experience how vital it is build a rock solid foundation and implement an infrastructure that can handle massive growth

I turned 1,500 into 50,000+ in 6 months in 2020

And hit 100k+ in 11 months in 2021 while never working a 40 hour work week

That’s why I created this program for you

To show you exactly how you can hit 5k with ease while doing it on part time basis

And now I want to help you create a profitable Vsteam business so that you can help empower, education, and help women reclaim autonomy over their wombs

Ready to rise up and create the vsteam business of your wildest dreams? 


Rachel - Wild Wombyn Wellness

"Jessi is a joy to work with, easy to talk to, and down to earth.

She knowledgeable, experienced, and it shows.

Her business coaching program is extremely valuable!" 

What You Get

Harness Your Hybrid Program Details

3 Month Live 1:1 Vsteam Business Coaching Program

Structured Curriculum & Personalized Business Strategy So You Know Exactly What To Do Inside Your Business Without Even Knowing What to Ask For  

9 Zoom Coaching Sessions To Hold You Accountable To Your Vsteam Biz Goals With Lifetime Access To Recordings

Live 60 Minute Coaching Sessions That Provide Laser Focused Structure in a One On One Setting with Personalized Strategy So You Never Have to Wonder What To Do or When Inside Your Business

Over 30 Done-for-you Templates, Blueprints, and Worksheets To Save You Time & Energy So That You Can Show Up For Your Clients With Confidence - Valued at $1,997

Magnetic Match Up Worksheet So That You Have The Language & Verbiage To Speak Your Dream Target Client Into Real Life So You Can Actually Build an Audience Full of Raving Fans Instead of Trying to Reach Everyone And Reaching No One- Valued at $399

Pricing Worksheets So You Can Implement A Procedure To Price Retail Products, Price Services, And Create Package Offers So You Can Pay Yourself & Stop Giving Away Your Services For FREE - Valued at $599

Repeatable Systems That Are Proven To Build A Profitable Business In The Vaginal Steam Industry So That You Stop DIY'ing Your Business and Start Treating it Like It Like The Serious Business That It IS

A Proven Sales Process to Take the Guesswork out of How to Monetize From Instagram & Customizable So That Selling Feels Energetic  

Strategy For Selling Inside The Dm's So That You Can Convert More Leads Into Paid Clients & Stop Wondering Where Your Next Sale Will Come From- Valued at $799

Offer Creation Workshop So That You Can Build Your Business Around Your Deepest Passion & Expertise- Valued at $399

Wholesale Package Buy 5 Get 1 Free, Free Tote Bags, Free Logos, Free Shipping - Retail Valued at $1,800

Voxer Support Where No Question Goes Unanswered & Where All The Magic Happens - Valued at $1499



Module Breakdown

Module 1: Niche & Brand

Build a brand in the online space that allows you to stand out in the crowd so that you are the go-to person in your niche. Learn the key ingredients so to separate yourself from your competition while feeling authentically you. 

Module 2: Magnetic Match

Building a community is about gaining specific details about your dream client so that when you create content, you speak directly to them using messaging that attracts them into your world

Module 3: Creating Systems & Content that Connects

Create content that attracts your dream clients who can't wait to work with you! Stop waisting time wondering what to module 3 you will get the strategy to create over 90 pieces of content targeting your dream clients so that you know exactly what to post and when

Module 4: Build the Offer

In order to sell you need to be crystal clear on who you serve, how your offer helps them. In module 4 you will get a repeatable system that allows you to gain the clarity you need in order to get align with the needs and goals of you dream client. You can rinse and repeat over and over again in your business when you build more offers in your product suite!

Module 5: Selling Intuitively

No bro sales tactics or toxic selling strategies here! Module 5 is equal parts skill and intuition. Uncover the beliefs around money that have been holding you back so you can start genuinely serving your community with your gifts! 

Coaching Package Options

Choose Your Level of Support


6 Months of Personalized Strategy

9 - 60 min Coaching Calls w/Lifetime Access to Recordings

Additional Office Hours of Voxer Support

Unlimited Reviews - Homework, Content, DM Convo, Offers...An Expert Set Of Eyes On Your Business



3 Months of Personalized Strategy


6 - 60 Minute Coaching Calls w/Lifetime Access to Recordings

Weekly Voxer Support Office Hours

2 Reviews Per Week - An Expert Set Of Eyes On 2 Aspects Of Your Business...Your Choice!

Client Proof

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Frequently Asked Questions

What comes with the program?

The program comes with 9 live coaching calls that are 60 minutes in length. You get lifetime access to call recordings. The program also includes over 40 interactive worksheets, done-for-you-templates, plug + play templates, spreadsheets, and documents for you to use inside your vsteam business. Voxer support is included in the program so your questions get answered in real time so you can keep momentum while building your business.

How much is the program?

Investing in business coaching is really an investment in yourself and your business. There are two options to this program ...VIP & STANDARD PACKAGES. Our programs range in price based on the level of support you wish to add on. We also offer pay in full discounts and flexible payment plans options. When you choose a payment plan you are agreeing to continue to pay after support, coaching sessions, and program has ended. If you think this is for you...then set up a 30 min free discovery call now by clicking here

What happens when I join?

Once you join you will receive a welcome email with a goal questionnaire, waiver, contract to sign, and a link to schedule your onboarding coaching session.

Does the Sauna V Steam Seat come with the program?

Yes, to kick start your coaching investment we are including 4 Wholesale Package as a BONUS LIMITED time. The wholesale package includes 4 Sauna V's, 4 Free tote bags, and Free Shipping. Retail value at $1,000. Continental US only. 

What is Voxer?

Voxer is a walkie talkie app that bridges the gap so that you feel massively supported between calls and your questions get answered in real time. Voxer provides the space for constant communication and connecting during the implementation of new strategies and concepts you'll be applying to your business which will allow you to fly and reach your next level. VIP package includes to most access to me inside voxer so you feel supported as you implements new habits and practices.

How much time should I set aside each week?

Great question, I also want to make sure I'm setting aside the right amount of time to reach my goals. Outside of the 60 minutes coaching calls (varies with each package) you will want to block off 5-15 hours per week depending on your learning and working style, in order to see the needle moving forward. Remember, all great things are worth working for!

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