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• PMS Symptoms

Bloating, premenstrual cramping, ovulatory cramping, nausea, diarrhea, irritability, hormonal acne, sadness, PMDD

• Menstrual Symptoms

Cramping, clotting, brown discharge, heavy bleeding, irregular cycle

• Balance an Irregular Cycle

A healthy cycle is 28-31 days, steaming can bring back a missing cycle or regulate a short or long cycle

• Infections

Bacterial, yeast, viral vaginal infections, UTI's

• Labor Prep

Steam to soften cervix, and prevent tearing (pregnant women should not otherwise steam)  

 • Postpartum 

Reduce inflammation, weight loss, milk production, tighten and tone pelvic floor muscles, and regulate cycle postpartum 

• Menopause 

Vaginal dryness, nightsweats, hot flashes, painful sex, phantom periods

• Increase Fertility 

Balance and regulate cycle, increase cervical mucus and fertility, regulate ovulation

  • Detoxification 

The steam increases circulation and warmth to the midline which helps draw out toxins from the body 

  • Inflammation

The practice of steaming is relaxing and activates the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest),  taking us out of the sympathetic ( fight or flight) nervous system, allowing the body to lower inflammation naturally, the herbs have anti-inflammatory properties