Sauna V Wholesale Program

Calling all Vsteam Practitioners

Are you passionate about helping women re-learn the ancient practice of vsteaming?

Have you been looking for a vsteam sauna that you can offer inside your vsteam business? 

 Does this sound familiar...

Maybe you've tried building a sauna and realize it's harder than you first thought

You have been burnt in the passed by sauna builders with poor customer services

You want to provide your clients with a sauna that you trust

You feel called to help women reclaim the ancient practice of vsteaming & to create massive impact in the vsteam community

Yes? This is for you...

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Wholesale Prices

Exclusive to Practitioners

What you get:

  • Save over 50% off Sauna V™️ Retail prices

  • Chance to buy at wholesale prices

  • Freedom to mark up & resell to clients

  • Opportunity to make money from sauna sales

  • With custom logo design you can build your brand by adding your business' logo to the sauna 

  • Launch your business so you can start providing in person vsteam sessions, home kits, and/or host events or parties right away

  • Show off your businesses logo

  • Grow your business by adding v-steam saunas to your online store, at your home office, spa location, and/or mobile spa service

Requires no hardware 

Holds over 600 lbs

Assembles & disassembles in seconds! 

Ships flat


Add your logo

Brand Your Business

I know how hard it is to be an entrepreneur, to provide a high quality sauna for your clients, and at an affordable price. 

I get it, I've been there!

I've got you covered when it comes to Wholesale Vaginal Steam Saunas. 

And now offering your businesses custom logo on the Sauna V one-of-a-kind engineered steam chair

File requirements: Vector format only

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I'm Jessi

owner & founder of Sauna V

Steamy Chick certified since 2018

When I started my vaginal steam business in 2017, my husband and I wanted to build a sauna so that I could steam in the privacy of my home, and also solved a problem - that saunas were getting damaged in shipping because they shipped assembled. 

We solved the problem and innovated & pioneered the worlds first sauna that:

Ships flat

Fully enclosed

Hardware free

Disassembles between uses

Holds 600 lbs

We have over 4 years experience in the sauna building industry, selling thousands of saunas worldwide...

What this means to you is that you can experience all of the benefits of selling saunas inside your vsteam business, without the worry of building a sauna, sanding, inventory, or shipping. 

Collaborate with Sauna V -  build a business relationship that is based on collaboration over competition, shared values, and empwering women to build profitable vaginal steam businesses so that more women can experience the ancient practice of steaming, advocate for their own reproductive health, and reclaim autonomy over their wombs





The Sauna V Method™️

No hardware needed

Slides-Together & Disassembles in seconds to save you time, space, and easy stow away

Ships flat

Fully enclosed to keep steam from escaping to promote absorption of the steam

Universal Cord hole for hot plate or crock pot

Seat hole designed to support ischium (hip bones) which promotes circulation, allows pelvic floor muscles to relax, & prevents hemorrhoids

Fits perfectly in a tote bag for easy travel 

Tongue in groove design for 

Removable lid with full closure - fits like a puzzle!

Patent pending


Details & Dimensions

Perfectly Sanded, Smooth Edges

Extremely durable

Free of toxic lacquer, varnish, or stain

Raw material - no nails, screws, threads, or hinges

Outer Dimensions: 15x15x15 inches

Inner dimensions: 10.5.x10.5x10.5 inches

Diagonal: 14 inches

Hole size: 3.5 x 6.5 inches

Sauna weighs approx 12 lbs

5 wooden panels 1/2 inch thickness

4 side panels with cord holes, 1 lid


EST 2017

At Sauna V, we pioneered and innovated the world's first portable, slide-together, hardware-free,
disassemble-between-uses, fully-enclosed, ships flat, holds 600 lbs vaginal steam sauna.


Bulk Order & Custom Quotes

Do you need vaginal steam saunas for your spa location or mobile spa business?

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