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About Jessi

Has your life been radically changed through the practice of vaginal steaming? 

I tried EVERY remedy under the sun, and still suffered from painful periods…

PMS - I felt crazy for two weeks every.single.month before my period

Vaginal infections (embarrassing)... that baffled me AND my doctor - who just handed me some antibiotic cream and said “everything seems fine” 

Because of steaming that’s no longer my life … I found freedom from the embarrassment, confusion, and questioning if I was crazy. 

I finally feel like myself again ( Psst you ask my husband about my PMS now )

I just had one problem… actually 2 problems … 

#1 WHY hadn’t I learned about steaming sooner? 

#2 I needed a sauna so I could steam at home - $80 dollars a steam session at the spa wasn’t going to work for me 

So my husband and I put our heads together …

We pioneered the world’s FIRST vaginal steam sauna that is…

The Sauna V™️


Fully enclosed

Slides together in seconds

Holds 600 lbs

Ships flat

Hardware free

We solved the problem that I needed a sauna so that I could steam in the comfort and privacy of my home

AND revolutionized and the way vaginal steam practitioners can operate their business

And I’m still working on the first problem... WHY hadn’t I learned about steaming sooner? 

My mission is to make vaginal steaming more accessible to all women by equipping vaginal steam practitioners with the Sauna V™️ and empowering business growth

I know your life has been radically changed by vaginal steaming…

I know this because I’ve talked to you…

I’ve heard your stories…

And I know you want to create a massive impact in the gap in women’s health care

I’ve got you covered when it comes to wholesale vaginal steam saunas

Adding your logo to the Sauna V™️

Branding your business

Growing your business

Drop ship direct to your customers

Bulk discounts

Add Sauna V™️ to your website

Create a profitable revenue steam

Let’s collaborate and make a massive impact ...together!  


Wondering who I am?

And what I bring to the table

Vaginal Steaming Training under Keli Garza - the authority in vaginal steaming

  • Vaginal Steam Facilitator Certification 2018

  • Peristeam Hydrotherapy Program

Bachelor of Science 

  • Upper level anatomy & physiology

  • Clinical data collection, client charting, & record keeping

Art of Breathe Certification 

  • Breath, body, & nervous system

6 years coaching in the fitness industry

6 years applying the principles of functional nutrition 

I've worked with over 200 hundred women menstrual health, vaginal steaming, vaginal steam saunas, and vsteam business coaching applying my training, proven systems, and holistic/herbal therapies. 

I train under Barbara Hunter, ND of over 30 years, to obtain continued education. We partner to create a care team for clients. 

I work alongside Integrative Doctors to provide clients with a well rounded approach to vaginal steaming, and women's overall health.

Personally I have overcome

Menstrual cramps

Severe PMS

Recurring infections

Digestive disorder

Gut Dysbiosis

And continue to make progress on...

Leaky gut

Nutritional Deficiencies

Heavy metal toxicity


I approach my own and my clients reproductive health holistically through nutrition, exercise, environment, stress response, lifestyle, toxin exposure, and nervous system.

Implement vaginal steaming, castor oil treatments, herbal remedies, home remedies, and other natural approaches to promoting the body's natural restorative processes. 

I walk the walk 

I live an anti inflammatory lifestyle

My nutrition intake is free of




All forms of processed sugar

No artificial sweeteners, ingredients



Low grains

Low fruit

Over 3 years in the sauna building industry

Manufacturing & distribution 

Patent pending on our original design - the worlds first Slide-together sauna - holds over 600 lbs. 

My client load is full at this time. Want to join the waitlist? Text "waitlist" to join.

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