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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I steam?

The severity of the case and the needs of the individual will determine the steam plan. This could be anywhere from once a week to everyday. Your Peristeam Hydrotherapist will recommend how often, based on analyzing the menstrual cycle. The wrong steam plan could  increase severity of symptoms   

What are the benefits of steaming?

Find relief from cramping, clotting, brown discharge, heavy bleeding, infections, hemorrhoids, night sweats, hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms. Balance an  irregular cycle, and increase fertility   

what's included in the purchase of a sauna package?

Birchwood or Acrylic Sauna

Initial Consultation

Intake Assessment

Menstrual Cycle Analysis

Custom Blended Herbs

Personalized Steam Plan Recommendations (crock pot not included) 

What herbs should I use?

Herbs are custom blended for the needs of each individual, the wrong herbs could result in early onset of period, missed period, and other symptoms   

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