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Hawthorn Berry Tea

This is perfect for during the period because we want to make digestion as EASY as possible on the body.

During the period the body has a more important job which is to shed the endometrial lining.

The uterine artery and blood vessels open up and the uterus can double in size during this time.

We also want to promote circulation with warm (temperature) food and drink, and also foods that are warming (circulation) to the body.


1. Spleen - Aids in digestion

2. Promotes elimination of toxins from the body

3. Stomach - increases production of digestive enzymes

4. Heart - improves circulation

5. Uterus - promotes circulation to the uterus

Best time to use?

1. The week leading up to period

2. During the period

3. Buy in organic only


1. 2 TBSP Organic Hawthorn berry

2. Tea kettle

3. 8-12oz. Distilled, RO, Spring, or alkaline water


1. Bring water to a boil

2. Steep for 10 min

In menopause or have you had a hysterectomy? No problem, still reap all the benefits of this great tea.

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