5 Reasons : Why Vaginal Steaming?

May 30, 2019

1. Natural

Vaginal steaming is plant based using a combination of herbs and steam to strengthen and support the reproductive system


2. Non-Invasive

There are many invasive treatments being offered to women today that don’t take into consideration the underlying causes or symptoms. Surgeries like hysterectomies and procedures like ablations are recommended without taking into consideration that as women, keeping our reproductive organs intact affects our overall health


3. Non-Pharmaceutical

Hormonal Birth Control is prescribed for anything from cramps and heavy bleeding to painful conditions like endometriosis and PCOS. Western medicine looks at symptoms AS the cause, and then prescribe medication to cover up said symptoms. Symptoms are indicators of underlying issues, and need to be treated as such when approaching women's health in a holistic manner


4. Practiced by Women 

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to my reproductive health, I’m taking advice from women. Sorry guys, you’re valued in many other ways. We as women are intuitive about our own health and vaginal steaming empowers women to take back a hand in our reproductive health. Vaginal steaming and fumigation have been reported in Egyptian, Mayan, South America records since the 1800 BC. It has been used in many other countries for hundreds of years


5. Relaxing

I have yet to meet a woman who has tried steaming and didn’t find it relaxing. Client’s report sleeping better, and look forward to the alone time and self care practice. The soothing warmth from the steam and herbs down regulates our nervous system and creates a space for relaxation and healing








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