Rest on Your Period

June 21, 2019


Getting adequate rest is so important when you’re on your period ...but WHY? 


4 Reasons to Rest


1. The uterus can double in size during the period due to opening of the uterine artery and blood vessels 


2. The body’s main objective is to shed the endometrial lining and one way it does this is through increased blood flow and circulation to the uterus. Weight lifting increases circulation to the extremities and taxes the Central Nervous System which is typically fine any other time of the month but opposite of what we want during the period. 


3. Women are cyclical and during the period is not the time to increase activity and push the body, it’s something to be embraced and embodied. It’s a gift not a burden. 


4. By pushing your body during the period can create PMS symptoms like irritability and fatigue, and other hormonal imbalances


Our body has unique ways to let us know that we should slow down and hit the pause button.


Top 5 Warning Signs to Slow Down 🛑 

  1. PMS 

  2. Period longer than 4-5 days

  3. Brown blood during your period

  4. Your period stops then starts again

  5. Fatigue

Top 5 Activities to Do on Your Period

  1. Stretching

  2. Walking 

  3. Light biking

  4. Low intensity activities - not weight lifting

  5. Take a nap - if your schedule allows

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